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Great for a first year anniversary celebration that makes your lover remember this special occasion for years to come. You find it hard to get an impressive one year anniversary gift for your beloved one? This puzzle of 12, 20 or 32 reasons Why I Love You is one of a kind gift for a person you love. Each and every piece is engraved with a reason of your choice.

You could easily make the case that both life and marriage are like a box of chocolates—you never know what you’re gonna get, as Forrest Gump so eloquently put it. But at least in this box, you know you’ll get an array of delicious chocolates. The 65-year-old family business features three generations of Swiss-trained chocolatiers that handcraft insanely high-quality sweet treats. Here, you get a variety of their best-selling bars in mini and full sizes–think Dark Chocolate Whiskey Caramel and Milk Chocolate Roasted Almond. If your spouse has a sweet tooth, this is a delightful and thoughtful gift.

It also comes with a dozen tees and pencils each so he can make the most of his day out on the course. Many girls are not indifferent to selfies in any place and at any time. Most likely, your girlfriend with whom you want to spend an unforgettable day is one of them. To do this, you should take a camera and invite the girl to take a photoshoot. Someone will say that a year is not enough, and it is too early to conclude the future. But statistics is a persistent thing, and it claims that the first 12 months together are a rather difficult and dangerous stage in the life of couples.

But, when your one-year anniversary arrives and you actually have to buy him something, youll wish youd taken notes the entire time. Reignite the romance and serenade your man with the lyrics from your shared favorite song with this unique and personalized lyric wall art gift. One of the top 1 year marriage anniversary gifts for him as the process is simple. For a 24th wedding anniversary gift, consider giving your partner an opal ring or necklace. A necklace with a single opal or several small stones arranged in a pattern will make for a beautiful piece of jewelry. Each box includes 27 cards with unique, romantic and fun ideas for your first year together.

Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

This sign is made of friendly fiber wood, covered by superior copperplate painting, and durable and vivid color. This print is durable for years to come when hung on the wall! Moreover, the designs are permanently pressed directly onto the ornament, creating an everlasting image that will not peel off or fade. Filling the option that the shop requires and you have yourself a unique plaque that no one can make a second one. This can be displayed on a wall or propped up on a mantel to give a fun personalized touch to any room.

Plus, they’re versatile enough to go with anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a red carpet-worthy gown. And since it is the 15th anniversary, you can get a crystal pen for him. Ensure you find a good seller with a high-quality pen so the item lasts long. When picking the gift box, try to find a red-colored one to honor the customary color too. Vintage pocket watches are a great choice because they are decorative and ideal for accessorizing on different occasions.

Iron symbolizes strength and resilience in a marriage, making it an appropriate sixth wedding anniversary gift. A great third wedding anniversary gift would be a leather briefcase, handbag, or wallet that the two of you can use for years to come. These necklaces come with the “I Love You” messages and heart-shaped pendant, both necklaces have half of the pieces. This heart pendant resembles that you gave your half of the heart to him. If you want, the seller engraves your name on these necklaces.

Custom cards

What are the chances, after all, that you meet someone you connect with, choose to stay together, and actually do so successfully? So whether it’s your 30th wedding anniversary or two years to the day of your first date, your love is an occasion worth celebrating. We’ve gathered some of our favorite anniversary gifts below that can show your partner just how glad you are that you found each other. Watch or jewelry, watch or jewelry – maybe it’s a gift-giving dilemma you’re familiar with!

You’ve been listening to him talk about all the things he wishes he could buy for the past 365 days. But, when your one-year anniversary arrives and you actually have to buy him something, you’ll wish you’d taken notes the entire time. It’s alright, you are not the only one sailing on this boat.

Since red is the customary color of the celebration, ensure to get the straps in red. There are many beautiful red choices for her with plain and lace patterns, so one of them is sure to match her style. Kissed 4 us is a perfect gift to do some cuddles with your partner. The idea book is to help you to how to use the box of kisses 4 us.

Watches seem to be going out of fashion somewhat as people use their mobile phones to tell the time, but there’s still nothing like a well-crafted timepiece. The notion of a watch or other timepiece, symbolises the numerous hours and minutes you’ve spent together in your marriage, as well as the years ahead. If you’re within driving distance, visit a living museum, where tour guides dress and act like people from a specific time period—it’s candy to a history buff . If your partner loves art, consider a modern exhibit, like the MoMA, or something more traditional, like the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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