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©️ All rights reserved by the writer and owner Veera Venkat rmy.

Long long ago
There lived a king American
Who developed his Country
And even helped other Countries.

Slowly thought he was great
Step by step extended his might
Alas slowly lost control of corporate
Forgot that God is only the Greatest

Alas came 9/11
Left the World in turmoil
And soon dragon turned great
Making Rule of God fail

Jesus Returns words turned true
End of Evil every word turned true
why make the world suffer
Oh Media hey Rulers

9/11 facts you suppressed
Made your own people suffer
Jesus Returns facts you suppressed
Still making the world suffer

Rule of God
Is always  above rule of rulers
World is always ruled by God
He pens for us to obey

Every rulers thoughts are mean
Selfish deeds are short visioned
With broad vision God inks
Investigate and implement the links

Forever Greatest is God
Forever Ruler is God
Obey oh rulers hey Media
And make the world happy.

Written by

Veera Venkat rmy


Oh World I love you
More than anything else
My heart is filled with you
It’s love only love on you

World means people
World means lives
For happy lives for all
For all living beings happy

For a happy future
For peaceful lives
Forever in future
I love and love this world

God save my world from turmoil
bless a world of wisdom
All lives must sail happily
Even in future forever peacefully

Written by
Venkat rmy

God  save your world
Save it from 9/ 11 turmoil
Save it from wrong deeds
Rule us with your blessings

Clear the clouds of darkness
Clear the sounds of trumpets
Raise the 9/11 towers
Let the world Raise and shine

Bless us love
Bless us unity
Bless us peace
Make the world to live happily

For that we need knowledge
For that we need wisdom
To think broadly to act wisely
Bless the world to sail happily

Venkat rmy


Japan has raised and shined
After the second World War
Germany has stood and shined
After the second World War

Oh the stupid world
After 9/11 why don’t you
Clouds have cleared
Decades have passed

Millions are suffering
All nations are sinking
Wrong ideas are ruling
Bright future is disappearing

God save your creation
With wisdom of solutions
Make the world raise and shine
Let us all and nations be fine.

Venkat rmy


A war must have a difference
A war must have a purpose
Any war must have a cause
In the end it must have a solution

Time and time wars
Day in and day out wars
Will always end in failures
Both sides fail by all means

Wars with no starting date
Are wars with no ending date
Are wars which turmoil nations fate
Peace solution is better than late

Wars without ethics
Wars without morals
And wars without boundaries
Are wars without brains

At  places where humanity fails
Love and human bonding also fail
Guns roar with smoke crime hails
Because they are wars with laws

Let the brains battle
Involve all nations to solve
Allow negotiations to settle
Solutions lead to hail and sail .

God i pray and pray
With tears of ink
With mountains of pain
To save the world I pray

Inform the holy Pope
Explain to the highness imam
Express to the holy monks
To save the world in pain

Vision of the world in pain
Dumped in my head and i groan
Day in and day out
Time and time i moan

Spread your wisdom
Through your holy elites
Don’t destroy your own creation
For we still trust you and pray.

Venkat rmy


Holy  Supreme Elites
Come Come Come
Watch the West or East
Look At South or North

All nations are in Crisis
Some  nations are fighting
For which  World is suffering
Even the rich nations are starving

No nation is listening
All with selfish thinking
Without future planning
God no one is  caring

I may be black and ugly
Even your language
I don’t know truly
Beg to take the words of God
God left them to you to turn into deeds

Holy Elites spread the word of God
A word of you is  a word of God
Spread the peace and love of God
And save the world of God

Venkat rmy


God your creation is not thinking
On your wisdom no one is working
Reason of problems no one is searching
For God solution no one is investigating

Selfishly they are suppressing
Your wisdom for peaceful living
Leaving all nations in suffering
All prayers of love, abandoning

War upon war
Deaths upon deaths
Misery upon misery
Nation upon nation

Kill the wars oh God
Kill the stupidity my God
Spread peace and love words
Through your holy elites of the world.

Venkat rmy

Something is going wrong
Turning everything into wrong
All Nations are sailing wrongly
World in total is sinking wrongly

Rulers are unaware
Intellectuals who are aware
Are not warning to beware
No caution no warning for care

Intelligence has turned ignorant
Darkness has covered the police
Digital confusion mixed with wars
World is sailing without policing

Excess freedom makes all fail
Since with lawlessness nations sail
Rulers loose they power of law
Rectify oh rulers for a happy sail.


Oh  my digital dot netted world
Fast decisions are wrong decisions
Quick permissions are wrong permissions
They fail later make the country fail.

Because they lead to temporary gains
But in the long run they leave only pains
Any decision must be wise with wisdom
And in the long run it must yield awesome

Elders say look before you leap
And also state watch before you work
Soul cautions you before every work
God cautions you before every task

Think of your own future
Think of your own nation
Think of the world future
Soul of God will lead into bright future.


When many sail wrongly
Even if few sail correctly
Mistakes occur perfectly
How can world sail happily

Close all the doors
To the laws with loopholes
Reform the rule of God
Let’s all sail without loopholes

Fair and frank must be all laws
If s and buts God never knows
Love and love God only knows
Happiness and peace he only sees

Jesus Returns is a sea of secrets
Invisible  to the world markets
Stealthily no one can act God
By suppression no one can stop God.


Oh holy Elites
Crime must be curtailed
Laws of reins must be controlled
Turn the world to rise shine and sail
In your holy hands are all our lives

Crime is a Devil
Which sails on Evil
It kills slowly all laws
Along with law abiding lives

Lawlessness prevails
Nations  fail and sail
And all slowly forever fail
poverty mounts and rules

Voice of lawless raises
Lawful persons voice fades
High time for all the holy elites
To straighten cooly all lives

Voice of God comes from the elites
Which cooly spreads the message
Because that voice  is with blessings
And make true, Jesus Returns saves.


All are busy
We all are busy busy
Some Working like donkeys
Many working like slaves

Without right thinking
Without mind application
For lives simplification
To live happily without complications

We all left proper thinking
All Brains  wrongly battling
We ourselves are suffering
Without happy living

Golden lives are of olden days
God gifted always Good
Wisdom with complete freedom
Let’s live lives with GODs wisdom


Oh holy supreme elites
God gifts you holy words
For you to make them deeds
And  the world to shine like stars.

Problems come and go
They must never repeat
Leaders come and go
Solutions must always repeat

Mistakes are human
Forgive and bless  oh holy
If your blessings cause delay
Pain to humans is inhuman

God loves one and all
He loves you more than all
Step out to save the world
Yr holy blessings for peace
With solutions for prosperity
Make the world sail happily.

All written by
Venkat rmy

9/ 11 oh 9/11
You did a great Turmoil
Made me a person of Denial
For penning solutions
For the hackers blunders

Laws are failing
Nations are falling
Crime is increasing
Cyber Crimes are mounting

Democracy is vanishing
Freedom is disappearing
Middle class is weeping
Poor are crying and crying
Like slaves people are working

Jesus Returns is True
Z – Zillion Computer is also True
Bless the leaders not to  misjudge
bless all rulers to implement
And save the world oh God.

Knowledge must prosper
Let intelligence shine
Bless us Enough wisdom
For the world to live happily

Remove the darkness
Oh God from Jesus Returns
Enlighten our leaders for enactment
For the world to rise and shine oh God.

Written by
Venkat rmy

20 years passed
All nations failed
Globally debts were mounting
Nations relations were diminishing
Globally all are suffering

Money oh Money
Far from poor
Middle care you with fear
The rich don’t care
Its just stupid Money

You made All poor Countries
Making rich many corporate
Even with failuresrich are the Corporate
Money you are Funny

Growing the poverty
Killing the liberty
Manipulating figures
You flew from public to corporate
Money you are monkey

9/11 OH 9/11




9/11 OH 9/11


Sun is always shining
Water is always creating
Wind is always blowing
Sky is always covering
Earth is always  living

All Birds are living
All Fish are living
All Animals are living
All Plants and trees are living
On laws of God all are living

Hey human why can’t you

Visakhapatnam Court  Complex 1974 – 2022

Long long ago in 1974
Government Grabbed our land
OS 74/ 80 was filed
Court Records were thrice robbed

Jesus Returns a copyright case
Court Records 189/ 2003 were robbed
The book made turmoil the World
Stealthily hon Bush left US in losses

End of Evil on biometrics and UID
and lot to track and trace terrorists ID
DDR158/2004 were also robbed
Alas stealthily because hon Bush hacked

Misuse with haste and ignorance
Made the richest US and the World sink
M3 penned by me was also robbed
OS  630 /16 Court records were also robbed.

Stealth acts of Judiciary
Justice delayed was also Denied
One comes to court for Justice
But not to get always cheated

No one comes to Court to Complain
No enemies in court staff or hon Judiciary
Upon serious loss we come to gain
Lawfully with trust on Laws

With tears of 20 years
I pray to mother Judiciary.
Robbers and Hackers sink nations
Any nation develops with IPRS.

Theft upon Theft
By our indian Judiciary
Had sunk the world in total
Crime must fail law must sail

Intellectuals must be saved
Wisdom must rule the rule of law
On time Judiciary must implement  laws
Then only All nations sail happily.

Written by
Venkat rmy


Long long ago in 1974
Government Grabbed our land
OS 74/ 80 was filed
Court Records were thrice robbed

Jesus Returns a copyright case
Court Records 189/ 2003 were robbed
Stealthily in US hon Bush implemented
The book made turmoil to US.

Next End of Evil on biometrics and UID
and lot to track and trace terrorists ID
DDR158/2004 was also court robbed
Alas because stealthily  hon Bush hacked

Misused wrongly with haste and greed
Made the richest US and the World sink
M3 penned by me was also robbed
OS  630 /16 Court records were also robbed.

Stealth acts of Judiciary
Justice delayed was also Denied
One comes to court for Justice
But not to get always cheated

No one comes to Court to Complain
No enemies on court staff or hon Judiciary
Upon serious loss we come to gain
Lawfully with trust on Laws

Theft upon Theft
By our indian Judiciary
Had sunk the world in total
Crime must fail law must sail

Years together I  was tailed 
Time and time i was haunted
2006 April 2nd i was poisoned
Till 2010 into darkness I slipped

My health was ruined by injustice
My wealth was ruined by injustice
Years of time was ruined by injustice
The world got ruined by injustice

In dot netted world we live
Day and out we struggle to survive
Cyber crime at any corner of the world
Alas all in Dot netted  turmoil the world

Humiliated by the Courts
Tortured by adjournments for years
Looked down by lawlessness
Still world and me are suffering inJustice

Horrified I pleaded SC lawyers
Shocked and stupefied they guided
Laws are present but where are lawyers
Land laws or copyright laws , never justified

Oh Judiciary Dig the world media
Hey Courts Justify on facts like sea
The early you justify
Early the world will rise

With tears of 20 years
I pray to mother Judiciary.
Robbers and Hackers sink nations
Intellectuals IPRS develop all nations.

Intellectuals must be saved
Wisdom must rule the rule of law
On time Judiciary must implement  laws
Then only All nations sail happily.

Written by
Venkat rmy

Sea of Evidence were published in NYT, WASHINGTON POST, SAN DIEGO, UK, EUROPE news papers, Research has taken place globally in USA, ISRAEL, CHINA universities.

Jesus Returns is a blunder

End of Evil is also a great blunder

Hey God why did you make me pen 

When will you clear the Global pain

World got filled with sorrows

Every nation is filled with worries

Still the ripples of wars and deaths

Global streets turned into blooded paths

God hell I m facing day in day out

Hey God you left me with blooded thoughts

Save the world because you are God

Or kill me but save your world oh God

There must a limit to punishment

We pray and pray for peace fulfillment

With sea of love time and time

For your kind blessings to rise and shine. 

Written by
Veera venkat rmy

Oh world of denial
You denied me
You suppressed me
What you achieved from ?

From 9/ 11 twenty years passed
Terrorism has mounted
Terror business has failed
Trillions have vanished

Unemployment has raised
Globally poverty also increased
Violence virus has spread
Global peace has vanished

Human love has decreased
Art of living disappeared
Deny me but Take the blessings of God
To me you all are still beloved

Written by
Veera venkat rmy

Nations are changing
World is fast changing
Law and order is out of order
Lawful  lives are all in disorder

Sins have turned common
Lies turned regularly common
Crime is wickedly controlling nations
Future is unimaginable in many nations

Good can sail with good
Bad easily sails with bad
If all turn bad how can nations sail
Slowly the world  will fail to sail

Cool and sweet corrections
Must please one and all
Corporate to commoner
Raise and shine oh all nations

Written by
Venkat rmy

From 9/11 till date 
Global problems with updates
Filled my brain and tailed
Day in day out they haunted

Living  an isolated life
No one  to share my grief 
Far from the world in turmoil
No way to express easy survival

Alas left alone by Denial
Media looking down at me as a rival 
All nations left me idle
Without making God’s blessings fruitful

No one wants peace
No one needs prosperity
God whole world is sailing blindly
God bless them wisdom Divinely. 

Written by
Veera venkat rmy

I’ve prayed and prayed
For the God to have mercy
To save the world in turmoil
Good God Cooly blessed

What the world needs
For all living beings
Human thirst of needs
Always are never ending

All Nations must think cooly
Every citizen must act bravely
What the world needs God knows
Intellectuals  must implement wisely 

World  is not yours or mine
It’s for all living beings to gain
To live  happily forever together
Trust God saves the world forever

Written by
Venkat rmy

On 9/ 11 stars fell down
Clouds turned dark
Trumpets Sounded
Making Jesus Returns True

Every word has come true
Which means Bible is true
Every word turned into deed
By Mr. George W Bush indeed. 

Long long ago Bible was penned
From the deeds of  Jesus God 
Centuries have passed and passed
Almighty Jesus has kept up his word

Sun fades by day end
Moon fades by sunrise
Jesus never has an end
With us to rise and shine. 

Herod saved the life of God
 but now Judas has turned ruler
Ruining the blessings of God
Killing the future of the blessed.

Venkat rmy

Once there was a Hacker there
All the  rulers gathered there
Hacker stole and gave all a share
Stealth acts of which all are aware

Boos Boos Boos

Again and again robber robbed
Which all the nation’s shared 
One and all rulers hailed and praised
Supreme turned the robber and gained

Boos boos boos

God kept watching day in and out
Slowly no one noticed the fallout
Of all the nations one by one
Stealth acts led the nation’s to washout

Boos boos boos

God was warning all along
All heard but ignored all too long
Trillions  turned into billions
Billions turned into millions

Boos boos boos

One must obey word of God
All must act on Son of God
Stealth acts always fail
 Gods blessings never fail
God’s blessings never fail

Venkat rmy

9/11 oh 9/11
Along with war on terror
You lead to war upon war
Taking away our wisdom too far

Shrinking our brains 
Moving away all our gains
Working like  dot netted slaves
Time and time leaving our brains

Digitally you made us broad
Globally you made us all netted
Yet we live hard and computed
Human relations you killed

Fooled with oceans of info
Confused with sea of choice
We betrayed our own lives
Forever killing our all peace

Venkat rmy

9/11 oh 9/11
What have you achieved
Or tell me what you have gained
You left all pains without any gains

You made the world fragile
Decades of hardship we lost
Centuries of peace we lost
Ah terrorism has gone viral. 

Once The East  lived happily
Even the West lived peacefully
The North sailed smoothly
Even the South survived cooly

Alas suddenly you dropped on us
Along with terrorism rivalry 
spreading and threatening all of us
9/11 take away forever our worry.

Venkat rmy

9/11 oh 9/ 11
You broke the back of EU
You shattered the dreams of EU
You wiped all the future plans of EU

Terrorism has Boomeranged
From West to East than to EU
Thousands walked into EU
Millions of people poured into EU

Thousands entered by road
Thousands from sea ways
Some entered by air into EU
Millions of refugees now in EU

Boomerang has not stopped
Wind is now sailing from Ukraine
Making millions rush into Ukraine
EU refugee crisis has not yet ended
God save the refugees as well the EU.

Venkat rmy

Some lives struggle
Some lives survive
Very few only happily live
But all lives sail and sail

We have to live 
Life must sail
Because we are born
Born only to  live

So all live with hope
With Hope on desires 
With hope on ambitions
With full Trust on God

With trust we pray oh God
Time and time we pray to God
Day in and day out we pray for God
As We live with hope and trust on God

Venkat rmy

9/11 oh 9/11
You opened the doors for wars
Killing centuries of peace from 2 world War

Millions got killed 
Billions got displaced
Billions were crushed into poverty
In total you killed global liberty
Because of you many nations got ruined

Millions of eyes got dried
Physically and mentally wounded
Hearts broken and grief filled 
Dreams of happy lives vanished

As refugees millions are left
No place to go as no country would invite
Still breathing to survive despite
Without any hope refugees are left

God where is your Mercy? 

Venkat rmy

9/11 oh 9/11
Whom did you spare
Old and the weak
Kids and  the crippled

All are being tortured
From all war nations you displaced
With some reason you chased
In the name of refugees we are haunted

No food  No water no shelter
We are not beggars world calls us refugees
Ran away to survive from our own houses
Still running searching from pillar to post

Concrete jungles have no hearts
Temporary shelters have no space
Orphan homes or old age homes
All full with no space for love 

And No space for mercy 
All are humans with No pity
Refugees we are refugees 
But our hearts are filled with God. 

Venkat rmy

Rulers think with national interest
And not of Global interest
Hence wars arise
War after war they rise

If Rulers Strategies are selfish
But not of  national  wish
When other nations sufferings rise
Not of global wish wars arise

Rulers words are just words
Rulers words don’t turn into deeds
Because they are rulers
Every ruler is politics ruler

Rule of law does only good
When it fails it’s all too bad
Now world is just a village
 Rulers must act on laws of a village

Then thoughts sail globally
Village Laws rule peacefully
All Nations live happily
Because wars end globally

Venkat rmy

If Rulers are Aggressive
Nations don’t be progressive
Since aggressive brains fail
Countries development also fail

Every thought must be lawful
Every step must be mindful
Then every ruler develops
Progressively nations gallop. 

Which turns all people happy
Nations develop quietly
Since employment increases
Nations economy flourishes

Growth only comes with peace
All this happens with brains in peace
Aggression kills peace of brains
Progression leads only to gains

Venkat rmy

Time is invisible
Air is invisible
Soul is invisible
God is invisible
But thier deeds are visible

We all dream
But  God decides
When I question
God says fate

Why should one suffer
For the sins of previous lives
For long back mistakes
God this is not  fair

God if you are God
For every sin Punish instantly
 You can’t do that God
People stop sinning immediately. 

God just give a try 

Venkat rmy

A God with love cares
A Dog with loyalty guards
Oh human how mean you are
Selfishly you use and discard

You name the God Antichrist
You name the Dog a mad Dog
With media in your chest
You make all throw stones

Wickedly you make people
Kill the dog and discard the God
Who can help you oh people
Who will care and guard you

Selfish few fooling the World
Same wicked are sinking the world
Wrongful growth never lasts
But if world is lost all is lost.


Slowly Slowly
Our freedom is flying away
Slowly and Slowly
Our happiness is fading away

Laws framed for our freedom
Laws framed for our Country
Laws framed as Democracy
And many more are moving away

Lives are turning tougher
Hopes are also disappearing
Dreams also stopped fooling
Unknowingly  like a slave I’m living

Who killed my Rights
Who killed my Livelihood
Who stole my freedom
God Cooly I’m killed 

Venkat rmy

Leaders hey leaders
Let the big fish turn bigger
Let those  fish even multiply
But remember my dear leader

Big fish grows on small fish
Small ones live on tiny fish
So if tiny fish die
All the fish die. 

Leaders oh Leaders
Low class must live happily
Middle class must sail happily
Then only upper class lead prosperously 

Every nation is a business
Investments must yield profits
Safeguarding the citizens interests
Every day for every one must be in happiness. 

Venkat rmy


Ants and Flies
Gather around sugar
Selfish and lawless
Tail around leaders

Leaders need votes
Failed leaders need money
As they fail without money
Any leader needs people’s hearts

Ants and flies
Eat away the sugar and leave
Selfish and lawless
Eat away the Nation later leaders

Soon the leaders loose power
The ants and flies turn into monsters
One day the leaders fail and vanish
slowly the nation fails and vanishes. 

Venkat rmy

Media means News
News means North 
East west and South
So it’s global information

Good  or bad you wrote
Simultaneously you relayed
Many watch and forget
But problems made me worried

I fought with problems
I fought with God always
Till I achieved apt solutions
I never fought with media

Now do you have the guts
With immense love in hearts
To spread the wisdom of God
With all solutions to do global good. 

You have no courage
You have no love 
Apt solutions you discourage
Becoz Once solved you have no news

Written by
Venkat rmy05092022.

You killed my peace
You ruined my Calm
You tortured me mentally
You always  bullied me

Time and time 
Day in  day out
You kept teasing me
You looked down at me

My english may be weak
My color may be dark 
My dress may be poor
I may hail from a village

But God blessed me
Through you all 
All the Global  problems 
Showered solutions 

God blessed me 
The greatest heart 
To love and serve all
Now Can you welcome me? 

Written by
Venkat rmy

You all were joking
You all were fooling
From 9/11 you were laughing
And left the world sinking

Did I tell you to steal
Or did I tell you to hack
Stealthily you got troubled
Wrongly the world got plunged

The more you lost
The more I got worried
The more you got troubled
The more I got panicked

Media hey Media
Print or digital oh Media 
Truth you must reveal 
Facts you gotta reveal 

Hatred you gotta leave
Partiality you gotta discard
Media must reflect like a mirror
With love on all forever. 

Written by
Venkat rmy

who is sleeping oh media
Our day is your night
Yr night is our day
Brain works better 

with good sleep hey media
Writers have no timing
Sun or moon no matter
Our brains keep working

On all problems in your matter
From 9/11 you are sleeping
Without an apt solution
Mistakes upon mistakes you are doing
Without using correct solutions. 

Some pen for salary
Many pen for Money
Very few pen with freedom
God blesses them  wisdom

Written by 
Venkat rmy

Rolling Stone never gathers mass
Talking mouths never speak 
Thinking minds never sleep 
One who respects gains respect

What we see is all not true
What we hear is all not true
Our eyes may deceive us 
Our ears may deceive us 

Digital or print oh media
When will you stop suppressing
When will you start revealing
Solutions which stop the world from sinking. 

Never ever hide a truth 
On real solutions have faith
Europe laughed at Trump caution
Powerless they turned with no precaution. 

Written by 
Venkat rmy

Ignore me I’m not bothered
Discard me Ill not be hurted
Suppress me I’m not worried
But don’t suppress wisdom

You think you are clever
Yes oh media you are
But that leaves you selfish
Making Global reach  far forever

Talking big bragging lot
You loose a lot, think big
Act great you gain a lot
Only wisdom  turns you great

Countries are gone
Continents are gone
Boundaries are also gone
Let the global village shine

Written by
Venkat rmy

When truth isn’t exposed
When facts are suppressed
When lies are falsified
World slowly gets Crucified

Bcoz media means mirror
Mirror must expose without fear
If top few falsify the facts 
Rest all in media infringe same acts

Lies upon lies 
Story upon story
Global media turned into cooks
Alas the world has sunk 

Alas now the world is worrying
Global economy is sinking
All Nations are suffering
Without solving politicians are misleading

Awake My beloved
You all are God loved
Who told you to suffer
With solutions you recover

War upon war 
Global leaders are wrong doing
Bcoz of media  Without thinking 
world at large is suffering

Every war ends in misery
Turmoil has no recovery
End the wars Live happily
Let all live peacefully

Written by
Venkat rmy

You lost right thinking
You lost correct judging
You stopped investigating
Ripples of fake news multiplying

New news are past ripples
Yr old news is lost in clouds
Present turmoil is view in a mirror
Of all media past errors

Intellectuals are moaning
Brave are worrying 
What’s our future 
And how about global future

You killed the global peace 
Supporting politicians price
Laws are completely corrupted
Media Global happiness vanished

Written by 
Venkat rmy

Support the right politics
Help the correct politicians
Think of people good
Automatically nation turns good

Some only few are bad 
But most of them are good
Politicians are not at all bad
Their particular idea may be bad

It all lys in thinking
Media must do perfect guiding
Commoner has no time for thinking
Bcoz he’s lost in working

Good will only end in good
Not only to all even to politicians
Even to political party it does good
Globally the ripples will do good

Written by
Venkat rmy

Theft after theft
Theft upon theft
A place of Justice
Turned into house of injustice. 

Every case records were robbed
Decades of hardship was erased
The court itself did deliberately
Thieves in court  did wantonly

Millions were suffering
Billions of cases were kept dragging
Decades have passed
Fair Justice was dismissed

My precious time got wasted
My life got ruined
Never got apt Justice as relief
No words to express my grief. 

Ripples of crimes in vizag Court
Made the world suffer a lot 
Dot netted world got well knitted 
Made the world by all means plunged. 

Venkat rmy

All laws are in books
And all books are in shelves
For decades and decades
For justice clients are in corridors. 

British oh British
Have you sold your laws
Have you gifted your Judiciary
Or have you trained laws to India

One in thousand are Justified
That too once in a decade 
Accused are roaming happily
Culprits are sailing very happily

Lawyers are living happily
Plaintiffs and Complainants 
Are suffering forever and ever
With total injustice ruling peacefully

Layman gives perfect Justice
Gangsters issue better Justice
Never step into indian Courts 
Don’t invite troubles and worries in lots. 

Venkat rmy

The West is not Aware
How to read Jesus Returns
They  are also not Aware
Meaning of Jesus Returns

The West is not Aware
Bible hidden Jesus Returns
They are also not Aware
Secrets of Jesus Returns

The West is not Aware
The meaning of Jesus Returns
They are also not Aware
The hidden message in Jesus Returns

But the West is Aware
How to kill  Jesus Returns
They are also well aware 
Kill and make Jesus never Returns. 

Written by 

9/11 made me pen End of Evil 
To curtail terrorists & illegals
You yourself infringed  stealthily
And failed to use correctly

End of Evil is Gods own will
To make the world more peaceful
Instead of being faithful & thankful
You wantonly made me Cripple

Local or non local 
All must be only legal
Global laws must be equal
Happily all lives must sail

Unable to curtail Border illegals 
You lost total border control
Natives lives will turn painful
Never sail against Gods will

Solutions are highly vital 
By infringement you fail
God still saved the key riddle
Through him to make world wonderful. 


Venkat rmy

Europe oh Europe
Along with UK oh Europe
Who can  save you both 
How can they save you both. 

Till now Pakistanis poured in 
Next Iraqis flooded in 
Syrians slowly slipped in 
Even many Iranians entered in

Libyans swimmed in 
Egyptians cooly came in 
All refugees you allowed in
Who’ll turn out once in 

Millions of Ukrainians ran in 
Boomerang now Russians are flying in
God save all nations from migration
Oh God bless wisdom from confusion. 

Russia stopped power 
Russia even stopped gas
Billions are living in darkness
God save all from cold winter. 

Ripples of Russia Ukraine war
Went around the world so far
Millions turned jobless
Billions are starving foodless. 

Global Economy is Sinking
In wars Global money is burning
Millions of people are dying
God Save us whole world is crying. 

The world ignored my warnings
US and NATO joked laughing
Boomerang now both are quarrelling
God with stupidity we’re suffering. 

A war which has no Warfield
A war which turns nations into Warfield
A war which is corruptly funded 
Will turn into a war with no end. 

Ego mixed with stupidity
All decisions turn faulty
Well aware of failure upon failure
Subconscious also warns failure

All cheat with false assurances
By end assurances turn into failures
Alas Wars only end in misery
All nations end also in tragedy. 

A long staying guest is unwanted
A prolonged war is also not supported
Turning one all into stupid fools
Leaving the world to suffer and sail. 

Written by
Venkat rmy

One must dream good
One must think good
One must act good
It’s Jesus Returns

One must not think bad
One must not do bad 
One must not help the bad
It’s Jesus Returns

One must do good
One must sail with good
One must act for Global good
It’s Jesus returns. 

If all are safe  You are safe
All nations safety leads to global safety
And only this leads to global prosperity
It’s Jesus returns

Written by
Venkat rmy

Selfish people raise and fall 
Stupid ideas raise and fall
Due to any war nations fall
Oh US oh Russia end the war

Ukraine is loosing the war
Europe & UK are also failing the war
Russia & US are already struggling the war
Oh US oh Russia end the war

Ignore your supremacy
Forget you hegemony
Bury all of yr egos
Oh US oh Russia end the war. 

save your own blood from crisis
Considering this as an Emergency
Greatness never lys in winning a war
Greatness lies in peace maker of war. 

Venkat rmy

Inflation oh inflation
The Elites you don’t touch
The Richie Rich you don’t reach 
Even the Rich  you don’t pinch

Inflation hey inflation
You make the upper middle class suffer
You make the middle class poorer
You make the poor stay farer 

Elites don’t loose by inflation
Rich & upper class don’t loose much
Larger population is turning poor
Greater population is living in fear

By pain and suffering 
Oh inflation you gain nothing
You are simply killing the nation
Leaving people & nation in depression. 

Written by
Veera Venkat rmy

Thinking good 
Of doing good
To the Global public
Problems made me toxic

Toxic with thoughts
Time and time with solutions
Lost my own security 
Haunted by lawless enemies. 

The British left the Judiciary
Billions are left suffering forever
Loopholes of laws 
Multiplied By all nations

Lawlessness of a nation 
Turned into a shelter for many  
Sinking the world nation by nation
Alas the British left their authorization

Being tailed by rulers
Muscles of hackers 
Time and again haunted by own  nation. 
God ! bless the World lawfulness. 

Written by
Veera Venkat rmy


You stole my writings
You stole my stories
You stole my innovations
But you can’t steal my wisdom. 

Have you written anything
Have you innovated anything
At least did you write something
Criminal deeds kill living and non living

Crime first makes you gain
Slowly  you face the pain 
Bigger crime kills one and all 
Making all the nations raise and fall

Fake always is a Fake
It shines it brags but it soon sinks
Killing innovator is stupidity
Because Apt solution is their credibility. 

Written by
Veera venkat rmy

Sweet is not a sweet
I was telling
I was shouting
Screaming and warning

Thinking it as a sweet
All are stealing and eating
Stealthily hackers are enjoying
All nations money is shrinking

Money stealers are Bluffing 
False promises they are making
We will catch terrorists and culprits
But by monetary tricks culprits are stealing

Main motto was washed away
Hackers fooled all nations into wrong way
Greasing top hands to move away
Media was cowed washing truth away

Banks turned empty nation by nation
World slipped into recession
Oh blind world criminals  are slipping away
Suppression of truth lead to this recession. 

Awake oh blind Awake oh deaf
Let the wisdom of God save you all
Make the Dot netted world fail
To sail happily now the world must turn tuff

Written by
Veera venkat rmy

Sail on yourself
Sail on your hardship
Never expect help
Learn and sail by yourself

In a herd of sheep
If a jackal enters
Soon all sheep weep
Along with your defenders

Learn from Ukraine
Learn from failed wars
Loss of lives money a total pain
Global economic turmoil soars

Similarly let Countries sail
Watch the Cat on the wall
Sugar coated poison words
Sailing happily with criminal deeds

Trust an enemy with weapons
Trust a friend who points mistakes
Never trust who smiles peace Cunningly
He’s the one who sinks the world wickedly

Written by
Veera Venkat RMY

This is Gods wisdom honestly
Support me frankly
Help the world sincerely
Millions will shower continuously

UK investment will be minimum
Yr profits will be maximum
Dedicated service in the long run
Will always yield forever gains

If no one interferes
If no one troubles
I myself will do my services
Slowly UK will also gain praises

Greatness is not getting
Greatness retains in securing
God’s blessings will always do good
Helps at UK & Global happy livelihood.

Written by

Veera venkat RMY

Long long ago
Once upon a time
All stars hated moon
And soon lost their shine

Long long ago
Once upon a time
Whole body hated brain
And soon lost thier body gain

Long long ago
Once upon a time
All people never prayed
And soon failed lacking guide

Day Or Night
Life in or Out
Anywhere and everywhere
Only God saves this World.

Written by
Veera venkat RMY

Master don’t let evil win
Truth must always win
I may be dollar less
But sailing with Gods bless

Farmers are dedicating
Life long cultivating
Unaware of who is eating
We all are living on them, ignoring

God blessed you legal wisdom
Bless a little for farmers freedom
As a writer I can write and write
But in Court I can’t fight.

Save The Global farmers
Battle with your legal brain
Nama Fame Millions you Gain
Remain in History as a Saviour.

Written by
Veera venkat RMY

Money Money Money
It all makes us all apart
It makes human relations depart
God blessed I’m not for money

I penned Jesus Returns
Watching US problems
I penned End of Evil
Watching global terrorism

George W Bush infringed both
And the world lost due to the both
For the world I’m worried
For global farmers I’m Bothered

750 Indian farmers were killed
Global farming is also being killed
Farm Friends etc I penned & Copyrighted
NFU save Copyrights before they are killed

If I’m money minded
Millions by now would have flooded
Gods blessed stream of solutions
To the present global Turmoil

Help me legally to help the global farmers
Since farmers are our true saviours
For all living beings lives to sail happily
Save Rule of law oh my savior.

Written by
Veera Venkat rmy

We all are born
To live together
To sail Together
Again we must not be born

So do no sins
Do no crimes
Since God is watching
And he’s also Counting

Good he counts
Bad he counts
Lies he counts
Life after life also he Counts

Let all lives sail happily
Let all lives sail peacefully
Let all lives sail smoothly
Let all lives sail Cooly

Master don’t let evil win
Truth must always win
I may be dollar less
But sailing with Gods bless

Farmers are dedicating
Life long cultivating
Unaware of who is eating
We all are living on them, ignoring

God blessed you legal wisdom
Bless a little for farmers freedom
As a writer I can write and write
But in Court I can’t fight.

Save The Global farmers
Battle with your legal brain
Nama Fame Millions you Gain
Remain in History as a Saviour.

Written by
Veera Venkat RMY

Rule of law
Oh Rule of law
Where are you
Whole world is asking

The Earth is burning
The Ice is Melting
The forrests are shrinking
The Riviers are vanishing

Small creatures got killed
Most of the animals vanished
Millions of Birds got extinguished
Fishes, humans are also getting killed

The Air is Poisoned
The seas, Oceans are Poisoned
Agriculture got ruined
All lives are ruined

God bless us Rule of law
Remove all the ifs and buts
Bless us all the wisdom of real law
We need rule of law to live with guts

Written by
Veera venkat RMY

Master don’t let evil win
Truth must always win
I may be dollar less
But sailing with Gods bless

Farmers are dedicating
Life long cultivating
Unaware of who is eating
We all are living on them, ignoring

God blessed you legal wisdom
Bless a little for farmers freedom
As a writer I can write and write
But in Court I can’t fight.

Save The Global farmers
Battle with your legal brain
Nama Fame Millions you Gain
Remain in History as a Saviour.

God oh My God
Pl don’t return to save the world
Here everything has changed
All sailing in false livelihood

Cowardly smiles on all faces
Fake expressions with false promises
Back stabbing Wickedly and Crookedly
Almost every nation is sailing falsely

Some nations are ruled by oil mafias
And some nations ruled by guns of terror
Now many nations are ruled by Drugs
All nations sailing only with fear.

Rule of law is sunk in false democracy
Democracy had been sunk in if s and but s
Elections have turned into a big drama
Globally voters and politicians acting superb

Money Money money
All need money ethics got killed
Morals principles all got vanished
To innocent you may bless but to actors ?

To Save lives doctors need money
To save humanity lawyers need money
To save your world one needs money
God your blessings are covered by money.

Selfishness is slowly killing
Knowledged Stupidity is fast killing
No fear of punishment is also killing
No fear of God is totally killing.

One who preaches is looked as a fool.
One who serves the needy is treated as a fool.
One who helps is treated like a big fool.
Oh God thinking good am I a fool.

Veera Venkat rmy

Come calmly
Live Cooly
Leave happily
Life sail must be lovely

Warrior oh warrior
You may start a war
You may continue a war
But you don’t know how to end a war

You loose your warriors
You loose your money
You loose your prosperity
You leave your nations in poverty

Decades of development will be gone
Decades of future will lag and lag
No country can say it won and brag
Gone are the days of victory Throne

Written by
Veera venkat rmy

Ukraine oh Ukraine
Ohh stupid Ukraine
Who inspired you to war
Who ignited this stupid war

Ukraine oh Ukraine
From day one you are loosing
Yr people money property you are loosing
Cities Towns villages all you are loosing

Greed of money by yr Supreme
Trusting assurances of another supreme
Believing neighborings nations supremes
Oh Supreme in stupidity you are supreme

Tens of Thousands got killed
Billions of property got ruined
Oh Stupid supreme of Ukraine
You left the world sinking in ashes of rain

Written by
Venkat rmy

Russian oh Supreme Russian
You did a great mistake
Some provoked Ukraine is a mistake
Instead of solving wisely you did a mistake

When problems arise
Oh Supreme Russian you must act wise
How stupid you are who lost Cool
You are winning and becoming a Fool

When your enemy is small
You must have mercy
You must teach him with Courtesy
You must avoid war and must never fall.

When your enemy is so Corrupt
Who told you to fight
You should have bribed him
When wisdom Is ignored short run victory turns Grim.

Written by
Veera venkat rmy

Oh White Hegemony
From 9/11 you are closing All Doors
From Decades you ve been closing Doors
Even well wishers you treat as enemy

Selfish politicians suppressed
Selfish infringers suppressed
Media by suppression what you gained
By your muscles, wisdom you drained

Making All nations suffer and suffer
By suppressing solutions forever
I’m not fighting with politicians
Nor I’m not praying for name celebrations

9/11 , Covid, Ukraine All wars
Are man made wantonly Stupidly
Prosperity doesn’t come with wars
Men Money Means are lost in wars

Oh Media Open the Doors
Let the Wisdom of God make reforms
Without hurting anyone or any nations
Hey Media let peace prosperity Restore.


Veera venkat rmy

Oh News Where are you
North East West South
Yr Nations are all sinking
By all means you are loosing

We All Cheated Nature
Without vision of Future
Politically wrong decisions
Economists fake calculations

Greed of weapons makers
Stupid overconfidence of war mongers
Millions of lives money etc all we lost
We turned the world into nations of Ghosts

Oh News Wake up Wake up
Save the truth save the Solutions
At this juncture only God can Cheer up
The world with brave implementations

Written by
Veera venkat rmy

Sail with wisdom
Sail with knowledged
Nations oh All Nations
Country means Happy Populations

Might is not Right
Fight is also not Right
Nations prosperity is Right
Global peace and prosperity is Right

In a war whether we loose or Gain
But granted we loose a lot and gain pain
Saving and Securing the All Nations
Are Global leaders prime Functions.

Media Must act like a True Mirror
Only When News flows without Error
Without any act of Corruption
Rule of law Rules the world to salvation.

Written by
Veera venkat rmy

War after war
War along with a war
War upon a war
Is this proper

Killing millions
Wasting millions and billions
Displacing millions
Wounding millions

Nations are turning into ashes
Development being bombed into pieces
Poverty spreading across Nations
People living sulk with frustrations

Stupidly you lead to De dollarization
Centuries of growth left in destruction
Media oh Media pl get realisation
Spread wisdom to save God s Creation.

Written by
Veera venkat rmy

War Monger oh war Monger
How can you kill without fear
On Homes, On Nations, in Cities
In Villages, on Hospitals you bomber

Wars must be fought in Open Grounds
That too when reasons exist on strong grounds
Wars must have timings
Sunrise to sunset has a meaning.

Time and time day in and day out
Weeks months years you war and war
All voices you shut out
No one warns you only with fear

Yr muscle yr money
Is slowly killing you and yr own nation
Selfish stupids are praising you , funny
Silence of Media & people Also kills nations.

Written by
Veera venkat rmy

All enemies are not enemies
All friends are not friends
All realations are not well wishers
All colleagues are not wise advisors

Sometimes enemy is besides you
Advisers may slowly misguide you
Some praise and fail you
Some mislead and fail you

Yr overestimation may fail you
Yr overconfidence also may fail you
Yr hastiness may fail you
Yr unwise decisions may fail you

Intelligence reports may be wrong
Underestimation of enemy is also wrong
Fair news one who points you is right
Frank news one who criticizes you is right

On the whole going to war is wrong
Killing other people is wrong
Killing our own warriors is also wrong
Correct is sailing peacefully all along.

Written by
Veera venkat rmy

Oh News Hi news can’t you see
The Global Turmoil
North & South nations are in Disasters
East & West nations are in bloodbath.

No one is yielding
No nation is compromising
Killing your own brothers and sisters
Destroying your own assets

All nations are loosing
Every nation is failing
One and all are suffering
Gods Creation we are destroying

Religious heads must wake up
News media must step up
Globally we all must tie up
Peacefully we all must calm up.

Written by
Veera venkat rmy

We are blessed to live happily by God
For centuries happily we all lived
Selfishness has corrupted our brains
We all lost peace into drains.

Borders we marked
Countries we divided
Crossings at borders
Led to time and again wars

Countries choose sides
Battles were fought and fought
Innocents were used as shields
Blood kept flowing day and night

Western nations have few benefits
Weapons dealers have money profits
Israel has its many reasons
Hamas has its endless reasons

Innocent and women are dying
Kids and the elderly are dying
The elites and the wicked are escaping
Save the world oh my God

Gun killings are on and on
Time and time again
You keep on expressing aggression
People suffering time and again

You spend millions of money
But not on solutions funny
You are not welcoming solution
Still all are suffering with frustration

God is watching from 9/11
Till hamas attack on 10/7
Still watching 10/26
God is always on vigil 24 x 365.

You may close doors for solutions
Again and again Adjourning problems
Have mercy my elite politicians
Let God save all with love & affection.

After all we are human beings
Poor or middle we all are helpless
24/365 our brains and bodies work for life
Mercy my Lord bless the elites to help us.

Venkat rmy

Gun killings after gun killings
One by one lives are dying
Drop by drop blood is oozing
Slowly streams of blood is flowing

Street after street
State after state
Month after month
Year after year

Loved ones are crying
Friends are mourning
Near and dear are weeping
From God’s heart tears are dropping

Enough oh rulers
Enough of officers
Rules are for freedom
Democracy must sail with wisdom.

Problems must be solved
Peace must be enjoyed
Guns must be controlled
God’s solutions must be implemented

Elies are not listening
Officers are not solving
Problems with solutions
Gun resolutions with solutions

Knowledge stops blood shed
Wisdom brings peace
Your blessings lead us correct way
First bless the elites into your way

Peacefully to live simple way
Make the elites open the doors
Let media lead in your wisdom way.
God bless all of us to live happily .

Written by

Venkat rmy

© God we are being killed
We all are being killed
One after the other
Slowly being killed altogether

Never ending violence
Is proved to be only gun violence
Never ending fear is also gun violence
Never stopping tears are of gun violence

Gun associations on one side
Gun laws on another side
Political donations on all sides
Solutions hanging with no sides

Don’t turn blind
Don’t be blind
Don’t act blind
Oh elite pl be polite.

Leave your ears open
Listen with your heart
Look with your mind
World is an ocean

What you sow you reap
Your brain work yields
Your mouth also yields
All of your hard work yields

The world is small and round
Daily you need something around
Be good to God blessings
Because they are solutions
To stop gun violence & killings.


Gun killings have solutions
Gun misuse has a solution
That solution has no cooperation
Gun killings still in continuation

Officials are not trusting
Elites are not caring
Media is not listening
Where to go begging

Oh God save me
Gun killings don’t show to me
Relieve this burden from me
Years are passing free me

Knowledge must rule
God your wisdom must sail
Gun killings must end
Save all my God.

Written by

Venkat rmy

Om sri laxmi nrusimhaya namah

Gun killings time and time
Terror violence time and time
Blood is flowing day in day out
Sleepless I’m worried day in and day out

Far away I live
With no worries to survive
Far away occurred 9/11 , 7/10
God you make me for solutions thrive

God I’ve no money for patents
No money for innovations
No one is bothered for my solutions
God show the way and save with solutions.

Innocents are becoming victims
Heinous killers are escaping
One and all are suffering
God the whole world is suffering.

The rich as well the criminals are happy
The poor , middle, upper middle are unhappy
God bless a way for your blessed wisdom
God Let the world live happily in freedom.

Written by

Venkat rmy

You ruined my creativity
You ruined my peace
You ruined my life
You ended in disasters

By infringing my creations
God blessed solutions
For safety from terrorists
For safety from immigrants

Logic you all missed
Which Biden never bothered
Terrorists have crossed in
Immigrants have stormed in

You lost control
Forever you lost overall
Lebanon will reflect in US
Germany s mirror image will be US


Jesus heard your 9/11 prayers
And blessed solutions through my pen
But you stole all my solutions
And made me suffer years and years

You cheated me
You fooled me
You suppressed me
You humiliated me

But you are not aware
God blessed me more and more
Of what all the world needs
Perfect solutions indeed

You broke your borders
All your stealth acts failed
Like lebanon US you turned
lost peace ,in debts you drowned.

Written by

Venkat rmy

You infringed my hard work
Written for your own better sake
Now all countries are using
each and everyone is misusing.

You have no ethics
You have no morals
You have no principles
Basic gratitude you don’t posses.

Moreover you are suppressing me
In all angles you knocked me down
But God Jesus who blessed me
Never let me drown

Stupidly you are turning US into 2nd lebanon
US soon will turn like Germany
Stealth misuse, your grave blunders are too many
Your infringements will make you suffer on and on .

Written by
Venkat rmy

Your stealth acts are countless
And your mistakes are limitless
Misuse of my books you turned globally
Thinking I penned stupidly

You infringed greedily
You made blunders stupidly
Stupidly you misused my knowledge
You failed everywhere by miscarriage

You dreamed of securing borders
You dreamed of curtailing terrorists
You dreamed of making billions
By infringing my copyrights.

But you all lost countless lives
And you also lost billions and trillions
Now how can you survive
Suppressing God’s blessings.

Written by
Venkat rmy

God can forgive
Only God forgives
Think of your infringements
Think of your grave blunders

You drowned my voice
Your states have drowned
You drowned my copyrights
Your Countries have drowned

Only God can do this
When man acts superior to God
When you can’t protect with wise
With love and mercy blessed God

Now the World is out of control
If you don’t learn to rectify your mistakes
Kneel down and pray to forgive yr mistakes
Wisdom of God will bless every soul.

Written by
Venkat rmy

Terrorists are slipping in
Illegals are pouring in
Lawless immigrants are walking in
All my infringed security systems failing out

Secured borders turned unsecure
Security police welcoming illegals securely
Stealth infringements lost forever
Wealth and strength of US gone forever

Boundaries are to secure nationals
Police are to secure and implement all laws
All laws are to secure every nation
Stealth laws will sink all nation with dilution.

Mistakes of even the supreme
Must be rectified treating prime
And secure the nation with caution
God’s wisdom blesses all precautions

Written by

Venkat rmy

You stole my Copyrights
Stealthy you made Aadhaar
To it You linked all indians rights
Stating Aadhaar is your right

You suppressed me in police stations
Time and again all these years
You suppressed my legal rights
Time and time all these years

Media has been cowed
Jimmy Carter once stated
Upon this international stealth act
With all stealth evidences it’s a true fact

Country after Country
The whole world sunk financially
No exception is Aadhaar Country
Every link of Aadhaar sinking stupidly

Assuring with Aadhaar all good
Resulting total loss doing all bad
Soon world will say Pakistan is doing better
Srilanka is also much better

World’s topper US in economy
Sunk in trillions of Debt financially
Can Aadhaar withstand without Aadhaar
Oh India get ready to face financial disaster

Later media will expose
By then infringers will cross india
What can i do to the world in turmoil
Soon the stealth act will turn All india Naked.

The Corrupt king may suppress media
The stupid king may Control Law and order
But in history has any king won stealthy ?
One day king will escape in a new dress

Leaving Aadhaar less, INDIA NAKED.


Venkat rmy

Original writer of Biometrics, UID, Facial recognition, etc to identify terrorists in 2003.

The West is watching
With eagle eye it’s watching
Every move, every step in india
Lawless how india is sinking

Corrupt turned Administration
Much Corrupt Judiciary
Totally corrupt politicians
Invisibly corrupt indians .

A country may rise if dharma exists
Any country may shine if law exists
Some countries sail via media
How can all broke india sail to exist.

Corrupt politicians are sailing freely
Corrupt corporate are deserting india
Blameless Judiciary is always free
Poor indians turned slaves for their stupidity

Written by
Venkat rmy

Hail to the king
Hail to the king
Who came like a sanyasi
Simply dressed in khaddar

Slowly he changed dresses
Every day new costliest get ups
Religion is his weapon
Alas he grew with Treason

The country developed
15-20 percent by fake money
10-15 percent by drug money
25 percent by the NRIs money

Shameless and characterless
The king turned made his nation lawless
Administration turned fearless
The Nation is sailing Aimless

People may be selfish to certain extent
But love on the nation must be to high extent
Pakistan Sri lanka are much better
Leaving this nation in bitter

1.5 billion scapegoats
Trusted and got fooled
Soon the king will walk away
Leaving the Country Naked

Written by

Venkat rmy

Hail to modern kings
Hail to the modern queens
Hail to the modern monarchs
Hail to the modern dictators

To kill someone
Or to kill something
They don’t need a gun or knife
Even they don’t need any weapon

Shit eating media will finish
To kill democracy media is the best
To save human rights it’s the worst
It killed freedom it’s mission accomplished

Democracy Disappeared
Freedom vanished
Shamelessly twisting words
Oh Media Oh rulers let God survive.

Written by

Venkat rmy

God is crying
Yes God is crying
Crime shooted up to sky high
Mounting sufferings to sky high

East to West
North to South
In all countries crime
Crime everywhere crime

Greed of all humans
Shooted up to sky high
Everyday for everything
Need of rulers for voting

Showering all promises
Sinking their own nations
Selling Gods blessings
Killing future of all nations.

Written by
venkat rmy

With God blessings I penned Jesus returns
With God blessings I penned End of Evil
Without my knowledge you stole
Stealthily using and misusing wholly

Jealous of my investigations
Afraid of my evidences
Two decades you made me suffer
Still muscles on all sides

The more you suppressed the truth
The more the God blessed
Knowledge is fire of God
You cannot cover the truth

Remove the suppression
Before you sink in false illusion
Trojan horses on your all sides
Apt solutions are on God side.

Written by
venkat rmy

Every war has Rules
Every war has laws
How can the defence deny
How can the defence overrule

Democracy has been twisted
Democracy died of tampering
Freedom actual meaning was lost
Moral ethical human rights also lost

What mistake did the civilians do
What mistake did the innocent do
Old weak kids all are getting killed
Since modern war laws rules got killed

How can you bomb the houses
How can you bomb the streets
How can bomb civilians assets
Since war laws rules broke into pieces

Written by
Venkat rmy

If Rule of law is killed
Democracy is Dead
Freedom is Dead
Liberty is Dead

If Rule of law is killed
Human rights are dead
Ethics are Dead
Morals are Dead

If Rule of law is killed
Human relations are dead
Humanity is dead
Life is also dead

If Rule of law is killed
Democracy turns into Dictatorship
Freedom turns into slavery
Liberty disappears .

Written by
Venkat rmy

World is supporting
Criminal governments
World is helping
Criminally ruled nations

World is Trading
Illegal governments
World is accepting
Lawless governments

The UNO turned useless
The ICJ turned function less
The Amnesty turned helpless
God. Who can save this world

Criminals misuse laws
Turned nations into lawless
Sunk the whole nation fearless
Nation after nation sunk countless

Alas no one speaks of lawlessness
Dot netted all nations sunk together
Into trillions of debt forever
All nations blame each other

Lawlessness killed mother nature
Lawlessness killed world economy
What to solve people forgot
In total in stupidity the world is lost.

Written by

Venkat rmy

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