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Greetings of Season at the outset and let me introduce myself as Veera Venkat rmy ( male) (57) an Indian who by the grace of God turned into a writer of stream of solutions to the present day Global Turmoil aspects.

Having accommodated more than 40 film shootings I had RESEARCHED MOVIES watching more than 2500 Hollywood and Indian Movies and PENNED COPYRIGHTED my OWN movie business methods.

ALL COPYRIGHTED in US OR Indian Copyright office. Request to one and all not to infringe even a single word as all those who cheated me sunk into deep shit .

Watching the simple mistakes of many, made me write these simple solutions. I’m aware that all are aware of Film production but once you step into my investigative solutions will make one and all simple , happy.


Veera venkat rmy alias Veankut


Movie Tender Methodology

Tender means Money I. E.

Movie Money Methodology = M3 .

Veera Venkat.R.M.Y.

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