Stories & Screenplays

1) Kill the Crime : The LA County Prisoners escape kidnapping the county Director. Hero very intelligently saves the Director as well arrests the prisoners without using a Gun.

2) Laugh and Learn ; A complete comedy on politicians on present Global wrong Decisions with eye opening moral.

3) Tom Dick and Illegals All in US : A complete comedy with pathos of the native Americans caused by illegal immigrants.

4) Seize -5 : A Supersonic Speed @1200 km ph with 900 passengers Train is seized for a ransom of a Trillion Dollars SEE AND ENJOY THE THRILLING SUSPENSE.

5) JESUS RETURNS : An Orphan white boy adopted by African American family turns super intelligent thinks good, acts good, turns into the American President. A SENSATIONAL NOVEL which shook the White House and Without the knowledge of the writer Ex US President hon George W Bush implemented the novel. Etc
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