The Esteemed Hon Holy Supreme Elites Of The World At large. His Holiness Pope, His Holiness Imam, His Holiness Dalia Lama

Greetings of the season at the outset and let me introduce myself as veera venkat rmy a small time hotelier by name HOTEL JUPITER Visakhapatnam india.From  9/11 some divine force  suddenly turned me into a writer and made me pen “:JESUS RETURNS and END OF EVIL ” of which every word turned true by the stealth acts of hon George W Bush.

By Denying me the hon Elites achieved nothing but in these 20 years the World turned more miserable. Now they are heading towards a dead end. From 9/11 Terrorism, war after war, Millions of deaths, Global Economic Turmoil, Billions of people have sunk into poverty, unemployment, Pandemic, Natural Calamities, Mother nature being ruined killing the future forever, etc It’s high time for esteemed Elites like your holy highness to spread peace along with Wisdom of Prosperity to the four corners of the World. In History no one has won against the will of God. God has blessed you all the wisdom of Peace to spread around the world.
But now in the world of DENIAL I’m surviving with grief and pain with no mistake of mine. Humbly pray to your highness of wisdom to pull me out of this well of suppression and shower the God blessed wisdom through your holy highness all to the world at large.

As all the wisdom is full of solutions without hurting anyone, for the world in turmoil to rise and shine into peace and prosperity happily.

Venkat rmy

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The hon UNO & NATO, USA


With reference to the Russia Ukraine war which has gone out of control on behalf of the Global citizens and future of the Earth in total , request NOT TO STRECH TILL THE END.

Russia is in a desperate frustrated helpless unexpected deadly disastrous situation and lost control. USA on the other side has imposed tough unrecoverable financial restrictions along with hurdles from all sides.

9 days passed Ukraine has totally turned into a burning burial ground. If US, UK, E.U. stretch the string further anymore, ……….. No words to describe the boomerang effect on this Village.

Today the world is a Village. If USA Doesn’t stop this Ukraine Russia war instantly now, it will boomerang ( E. U ) on the world i. e on USA shortly.

Now the war reached a deadliest dead end point , better for Ukraine, EU, UK USA and the world etc to give up the war and settle through negotiations .


Veera Venkat rmy

Writer of : Jesus Returns End of Evil, kill the Crime, Master God, The World is Mine etc

And a Stream of Solutions useful to the world at large.

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