5 Great Ways to Initiate Sex with Your Wife

5 Great Ways to Initiate Sex with Your Wife

Reminder, this is a Premium article and requires a subscription to read. The one testosterone product designed for women that’s available worldwide is not approved for use in New Zealand. Treatments can counter hormonal changes as women age, but access may be an issue. The same cannot be said for the anatomy of women, or the preservation of their pleasure. For hundreds of years ‒ right up until the 1990s ‒ the clitoris was considered so insignificant it was excluded from medical texts. In the 19th century, it was literally excised – surgically removed as a treatment for “hysteria” and other imaginary, female-only ailments.

Lack of Body Confidence & Its Impact on the Desire to Initiate Sex

So, rejection can come as a string, but you can get over the fear of rejection by practicing your response to it. In addition, when sex is not initiated in a way that works for your partner, they won’t always be very turned on or interested in sex. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 154,658 times. To make things even more sexy while giving an erotic massage, undress with your partner. Help your partner unwind while turning them on with a massage.

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When you and your partner are figuring out how to have sex for the first time, you might believe that it will be as magical as it is often depicted in the movies. However, it’s possible that your first time won’t be nearly as smooth or well choreographed. While having sex, you might breathe heavily and sweat, and your skin could become flushed.

When it comes to knowing how to initiate sex in a way that’ll excite your partner, nothing beats creativity. This is another great way to initiate sex while being sneaky. You can just hop in the shower and pretend that you’re actually there to clean yourself off. When your partner is relaxed and they feel pampered, they’ll be more open to your advances. This makes it much easier to just start kissing them and get the ball rolling. For soulful Lovers, open-minded individuals and seekers of a joyful sex life.

‘It also gives your jaw a little break while you come up for air, and allows you a moment or two to check whether your partner is enjoying themselves,’ Knight says. Be sure to pay attention to their cues and responses, which may be subtle. And don’t assume what’s worked in the past with other partners will also be pleasurable for everyone else. ‘Curled toes, quickening of breath,hip movement and tensed muscles are all good indicators that you’re on the right track.


They’re struggling with their mental health


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Healthy Libido


Responsive desire, on the other hand, is triggered by … something. Some type of stimulus, whether visual, verbal, mental, or physical. Now, while I do LOVE the reaction I get from women when I do this (man, you have not seen a woman shake in ecstasy until you’ve used this)…. If you treat her poorly, she often won’t want to see you again.

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I often initiate but it’s not because I’m horny. I really enjoy the bonding experience of being so close together, watching him take pleasure in me. I should probably get more creative in how I initiate. I don’t really have to do much because he gets into it so easily.

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